"“While it is true that Victory can create hope, it is ultimately Hope that ensures victory.""

With hope and faith fear can be diminished, the meekest person can feel strength, the shyest person can find their voice, and tragedy will not feel so tragic.


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WOW! What an amazing thing to finally get my book on audible!

When I first started my writing journey, I was not really sure it would go anywhere. I simply wanted to see what I was made of. Throughout my travel in the writing world I learned quickly how to make BIG mistakes, and more than my share of little ones. I have read article after article, and opinion site after opinion site to help me grow. Through it all I have mostly learned to believe in my dreams and goals, and to always remember how my loved ones see me.

Has everything gone the way I planned?

Absolutely not!  Especially, those first copies with poor edits. 

Have I become some huge overnight success?

Ha, ha, ha, ha. 

Have I had doubts?

Are you kidding? I doubt my doubts. 

But, I am happy?

Yes! I am so very happy. 

With every new risk I take as a growing author I find out so much more about myself. It’s strange to see how my husband and father saw so much in me before I could. In Forgotten Enemy, there is a couple quotes, but the one that comes from my heart in the front pages states,

“Sometimes it is only through the eyes of someone who knows us well, that we can see the whole picture within our imagination and the future possibilities before us.”   -C.B. Haight-

I do not put this quote there for vanity, nor do I do it to stand out in some strange way by quoting myself. Instead I put it there for my children. I put it there for those who struggle with their goals and dreams. It is through the eyes of my friends and family that I first saw my potential. I struggle so much with my own self-image. The idea that I could be talented or accomplished was something I could not give any credit too. All I could see in myself is average, normal, and plain. As a child my mother would say God gives everyone special talents, and I would constantly wonder what possible talents I had.  Over time in my adolescence I could not see my hidden talents, but my parents did. Why else would my father teach me to love reading? Why else did he teach me a new vocabulary word every week or quiz me on classic fiction?   It was because he looked inside and saw me. He saw the mother I would become, the wife I wanted grew into, and writer I am dreaming of.

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Coming Soon, The Powers of Influence, will be on Audible!

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WHAT??? An Audio book???

I can hardly believe I have reached this point. I am really doing it. This is so important to me, my dad was legally blind my whole life, and I listened  his audio versions of stories all the time.  He had this heavy mustard yellow tape player for the blind. The tapes would have two sides and he would have to flip them over. It was such an amazing device to me. Inside that box were new worlds, well mostly westerns anyway. It was classic cowboys, and the wild west for my daddy. Oh and, The Jungle Book too.  He loved to read, he loved to learn, he loved to escape to the unknown and be someone else.

I often wonder if we appreciate that technology on our world today the way my dad did. We have come so far. Most of use have an audible or iTunes account and just sort through the thousands of choices. Or we have Kindle devices and easily select a story from the unlimited resource of Amazon. Things are so easy to some of us. My dad couldn’t just pick a book and read as most of us do, ipods and phones were too small to see well.  His brain audio-largeinjury would not allow much in small letters. He saw multiples of everything, and his headaches were crippling, but he still found a way through audio books. He taught me so much. He gave me so much. He believed in me so much.

It was my father who first knew I could tell a good story. As a teacher he encouraged me and pushed me to play with that skill. In the summer time he would  give me books to read and make me come back and report. We would talk about the stories together. He tried to instill new vocabulary words in me my whole life to expand my mind.

“Cammie,” he would say, “there is only one thing you get to take with you when this life is over. Do you know what that is?”

“No daddy, what’s that?”

He pointed at my head with his big index finger, I remember his large hands because he seemed strong to me, then he told me. “It’s what’s up there. You only get to take what you know with you.”

He would forever quiz me on that question. “Cammie, what are you going to take when you go?”

“What’s in here.” I would reply with an annoyed grin after about the 10th time and thereafter even into adulthood.

As I got older my dad sat me down in front of a Texas Instruments computer with black and green monitor colors, and a blinking square curser. “Now tell me a story.” he ordered kindly

He helped me figure out a starting point and told me the story of, The Trail of Tears, and at the time I had an obsession with wolves. With that, I wrote a small chapter book about a young 11-year-old native american girl who would have endured that horrible and life altering journey, and the lone wolf she met along the way. He loved every sentence, every typo, every misspelled word. He loved me! My teenage mind did not fully understand what he wanted or what he was doing for me, and I did not pursue my dreams till later because of my low self-esteem. I wrote still and played with some little things, but never thought it would be anymore than a playful hobby Now I see so much and I am so grateful, only I have no way to tell him for he is gone.

When I started, Forgotten Enemy, he was so excited for me. My whole family was too, but he was there wanting to call and talk to me about it all the time. He listened while I read, coached while I struggled, and boasted to anyone who would listen. He wanted so bad to hear the book on audio, but it did not come to be before he passed. Now here I am eight months after his death and his wish is coming true.

I am going to have audio books!

My faith gives me strength, and it offers me the belief that even so far away he is still pushing me, coaching me, and loving me. In fact, I suspect he is still boasting about his children. He opened a door for me and when I walked through I saw his hopes before me. So now I will listen ever so carefully for his direction, and soon everyone else can listen to his dream.

Thanks to all of you who have help me come so far.

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